Friday, December 12, 2014

I Believe I Am Finally Done

Only minutes ago I finalized EIEIO.  At least that is what I believe.  This means this painting is officially for sale as of today.  My price is $400.  If it doesn't sell, then next year I may enter it into either the Friends Of The Library show in Columbus, or VSA 2016 Ohio Exhibition And Tour.  In the meantime, I can just enjoy the achievement.  I realize this is influenced by the writing of James Howard Kunstler who wrote The Geography Of Nowhere.  I read his book in the 90's, and everything else I could get my hands on since that book.  I think Jim would like this painting.  I was not conscious of this influence while I was in the first stages of this work.  In fact, I didn't become conscious until October of this year.  Jim does a podcast called The Kunstler Kast.  I feature this podcast on my daily blog.  Sometimes, I fall asleep to the Kunstler Kast, just as sometimes I would put a record on to lull me into sleep.  He affirms this thing that I have been noticing all my life.  My house is full of antique furniture and tools because I have been able to afford them.  Ironic that my antiques were acquired cheaper than big box stores sell the new items!  I need to just let this painting hang on my living room wall for a little while, till I am sure that it is indeed finished.

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