Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feathers Scatterd Throughout The World

My cousin Kerry O'Flaherty purchased one of my feathers to take with him to Afghanistan in 2012.  He told me when he bought it from me that he was going to wear it through his tour along with his cross and dog tag.  At Grandmothers funeral I saw Kerry and he told me a story of how my feather was probably floating around Afghanistan in 2014.  He had been showering, removed the necklace and hung it on a hook for only a few minutes.  When he went to dry off, dress, and finish up, the necklace was gone.   That probably was one of our own that took that from him.  I marvel at how far out some of my feathers have traveled.  
And even though I am against these endless wars that we have been involved in my entire life, I am proud of my cousin Kerry who served both in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He made the military his carer, got his education on the GI Bill, and he is not a war monger by any means.  I told him to stop by and I would replace his feather at no cost.  I am proud of the man he has become.  Merry Christmas family, and friends.  I will be working on my mural today, tomorrow, and possibly finishing up the day after tomorrow.

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