Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Old Work Comes Alive Again!

In 1983, I made this photograph at 238 Granville Street.  It is called Bubble Bath.  There always seems to be a cat lurking around in the perimeters of my work LOL!  This cats name was Snow Blink, and it took a lot to set this photograph up.  I have had years to beat myself up over what I should have done to make this photo an A plus photo!  The concept was fantastic, and the execution was not so good.  Still though, I should be able to use it right?

So instead of a bubble blower, I have her holding a book.  Snow Blink is out of the running for this painting, but so many elements of that original photo will end up in the painting.  Maybe someday I will do a whole painting of that bathroom...but for now...I wanted something interesting behind the partially open door.  Who knows what may come next.  I assure you readership....I haven't a clue.  Maybe ice-cycles hanging off the tree in the window.

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