Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Places I Have Lived

The places I have lived since running away from home as a teenager would fill volumes.  Recently, a librarian ran a check on my past residences and the list was about a third of the places I have moved to and lived.  For awhile now, I have revisited some of these places to make photographic record as I wasn't always mindful of photography.

This is a painting on slate that I did for my mother after she remodeled the house I grew up in.

I lived for several months in the 1st Apartment in this little house that is still on Summet Street in Columbus.  I don't have any outside pictures of that place even though I was taking advanced photography classes at Onio State that year.  I do have some inside photos of that place in my archives.  

And of course the old schoolhouse I remodeled and lived in 1989-91.  This blog has photos throughout the years of other homes I have made.  Sometimes when I start thinking of all the places I have hung my hat I am reminded of Wayfaring Stranger. 

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