Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memory Is Sweeter

The two little trees in the foreground of my painting have grown and multiplied.  I had a little coal pile between the two doors and firewood all along the west, hatchet, chopping block, monster mall, and wood wedge.  I didn't trust myself with a chainsaw.  I would like to think that I could handle the labor of cutting kindling and hauling in logs for a wood burner at age 56.  It was hard work.  It took all summer to collect the wood for winter.  In the winter I had to get up by 3 am to put another log or piece of coal in the fire, or the water beside my bed would freeze.  That only happened a couple times LOL.  After a year of it, I wanted to write a Mother Earth News article about how these building could be converted for less than $5000.  Before I put the plumbing in, I had to use an out house.  That outhouse is now behind the old school and almost a pile of kindling.  So sad to see the neglect, after the loving care.

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