Saturday, June 7, 2014

Most Influential Song For Me

Other than Klackwick Sound, this song is the most influential song I have ever a prayer...before I try to go to sleep at night.  It certainly is a better lullaby than the ones about "tis now that my Jhonny is commin for me.  Same style...hands down a better vision for a young girl faced with the sort of world that is sadistic, cosmetic, violent,  and false.  Not the world I wanted, but the world I have to live with as a disabled, aging woman.  It is the sequel and the prequel to Old Bitch Warrior.  You can think of these two songs as Warrior Part One, and Warrior Part Two.  I have others in my library of songs that empower....don't make me use them:)  Don't make me use them for something as stupid as people driving down my street too fast...gonna kill my animals and kids....don't make me pull these songs out.  They are more real to me than any teaching that can come from my neighborhood watch church....I assure you.  Jesus is not coming back in time to save my cat from a speeding car that is gonna kill a kid or a cat....just because the dumb bitch was on a cell phone...Just do the right thing....OK?  It's not that hard.

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