Monday, June 9, 2014

Katie Belle And The Belle Rangers

I finally tracked her down.  It was worth it.  For Those Of You That Haven't Heard Katie Belle....well what can I you have!  I first heard her on a CD Niagara Niagara.  She did an old Merle Haggard Tune...I Think I Found A Way To Live Without You.  She is pretty hard to track.  But very trackable and very worth it.


Katie Belle Trupiano said...

Hi Concha!
This is Katie Belle. Thanks for the shoutout! I am hard to find. I'm working on trying to remedy that because I'm still making music that I want people to hear. Here's a link to my web site:
I also have an album called St. Mary's Hotel.
I have a new band and some new recordings in the can. So, thanks again!

Mary said...

This is great! I also had the soundtrack to the film Niagara Niagara and I first heard Katie Belle singing the Merle Haggard song "I Think I've Found a Way". I really loved how she and her band played the song and it was my favorite from that album. It is good to hear that she is still doing stuff. She has an awesome and distinctive voice. I will def check out her site. Thanks!