Friday, June 27, 2014

I Saw You Today

I saw you today Comfesters.  I opened your community festival in drum circle.  Wahru Cleveland has forbidden me to play with drummers while she is in Wisconsin.  She of all people knows that drumming has been forbidden several times in the United States.  She of all people has been forbidden to drum because she was a woman.  She did it in spite of that, as I did today!  So now she steps into the very narrow minded path of hypocrisy.  I was there dear sisters and brothers.  I came, and I drummed in spite of Wahrus banishment:)  By the time Comfest comes around next year, may every drummer in Columbus know why she would do such a thing.  I don't have anything to hide...but she might.  May it all come out 3 fold for every drummer in the city to know.  May every drummer she has undermined come back and drum in spite of her perceived power.  May all wrongs be righted.

I was the only bass drum there today.  Without me, I believe the drum circle might have been incomplete.  I wish no harm on my sister drummer Wahru, only that she be exposed for her reasoning and her underhanded back biting methods.  I only wish for a clean conflict and challenge.  Let her accuse me in public of what it is that I supposedly have done.  And then let her be subject to the same scrutiny.  So be it. 

May the woman who tries to exclude me be excluded until she accepts what she has mote it be!

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