Saturday, May 17, 2014

Taking Some Time

I have been taking some time off from the daily blog to work on my family tree.  Speaking of trees, they chopped down a bunch of them in my neighborhood.  It was Asplunde, and my neighbor said they were hired by the power company.  I think they did a butcher job on the trees in order to cause us to run our air conditioners night and day.  We used to live on a shady street, and there is no money in that for AEP.  This is just my opinion, and my observation from other streets in other towns as well as this one.  It is sneaky and it is a violent act.  By the time the sleep walking population catches on, the culprits who ordered it, as well as these old trees will be long gone.  The most empowering thing I can do is leave during the hot summer days and seek out public air conditioning that I won't have to pay for.  I may not have my air conditioner installed this summer.  Damn those bastards to hell!

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