Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Business Card

In 2011 when my landlord purposely destroyed my kiln, instead of paying rent the following month, I purchased business cards.  It is a necessary expense that is difficult to come up with, and I only buy them when I am completely out of them.  In the past, business cards preceded a move, and the address almost always obsolete.  I don't put my physical address on my business cards anymore.  Instead I use the electronic addresses that move with me no matter where I go.  In 1999 I started using the double crescent as my logo.  At the time, I wondered how to make the logo with a black background, but did not have the knowledge or the tools to make the graphic.  It has taken years to get the design I first conceived, but here is the result several years and several business cards later.  My friend Jeanne used the paint tool on my computer to fill in the black around the design.  I look forward to trying that tool, and applying it to other projects.

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