Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Calamity Ware

Our everyday dinner ware was called Blue Willow.  I get Kickstarter campaigns in my daily email as a result of grant seeking opportunities.  Most of the time the Kickstarter projects are new technology which are neat projects but not art.  Calamity Ware caught my eye this month.  It is made like the traditional Blue Willow pattern but with some disaster included in the design.  The Kickstarter projects are either totally funded (crowd funding) by pledges.  If the project meets the goal by the time limit, then the project gets funded.  If pledges are not met in time, the project is dead in the water.  Calamity Ware has met its goal in plenty of time.  Some of the backers will get dinner plates with hopefully the disaster of their choice.  I think it is a great idea, and I commend the artist. 

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