Monday, May 26, 2014

Laura Belle Bolen O'Flaherty

Through Facebook connections I discovered a woman who had posted some of my ancestors on her family tree.  This is Laura Belle Bolen O'Flaherty who later married an Armatrout.  She was born in Virginia, came to Old Hanover had a son (Henry).  Henry Bolen O'Flaherty was my grandfather Russel Bolen O'Flahertys Father, which makes Laura Belle my Great Great Grandmother.

My grandfather Russel is the middle child in the front of the photo flanked by my uncle George and my Aunt Mary.  Laura Belle (my Great Great Grandmother) has her hand on Aunt Marys shoulder and standing to her right is Georgiana Harsh (my Great Grandmother).  My Great Grandfather Henry is the tall younger man behind Uncle George.  I have not discovered who the older gentleman in the photo is, but it is probably an Armatrout (Laura Belles 2nd husband).  This was a great find.  I have been looking for Laura Belle since 2008 when I began studying my family tree.

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