Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pioneer Tools

A buddy of mine stopped by the other day to show me 3 antique tools he has in his vast collection of such things.  I admit, I am glad that I don't have to try and use these in order to survive.  The first tool is called a Foot Edge.  We speculated that it might be called Foot Edge to remind the user to keep his feet out of the way while chopping.  The second tool is some sort of seeder for planting.  The third tool, some sort of corn cutting implement of destruction.  As I write about the Lemert family coming to Licking County in 1817, I am well aware that the cabin they built that first year did not come in a kit.  Trees had to be cut, land cleared, very possibly in hostile unknown territory.  As I research more about this whole area I encounter stories of wild panthers, hostile Indians, deadly diseases.  These folks were brave to say the very least.  What is left of them are stories and some of their tools. 

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