Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Truck Trouble

Now this dear reader is frustrating!  I can see the hose clamp that is out of position, that is causing my anti-freeze to go onto the ground.  My disability's prevent me from seeing it to fix it, nor am I strong enough to move it without loosening the screw.  I already put a gallon of anti-freeze on the ground due to a good Samaritan who stepped up to pour it in without hearing me tell him that I only wanted half of it in.  People don't listen, and I couldn't stop him in time to not lose my $10.71 amount of anti-freeze.  I have a friend who can't bother herself to give me a ride to the grocery store presumably because I am not Christian!  So today, I am driving around getting supplies until somebody with the strength and eyesight can come help.  I won't be blogging until I get this hose clamp fixed.  Story of my life...Christians wanting me to believe that my problems are because I don't affiliate with Christianity, and men who assume I can't pour my own anti-freeze.  I will be back with more adventures as soon as I am up and running.  Help is on the way.  I pray that the weather warms up, so I can fix some of my own problems.  I pray that I use my God given brain to get me through tough times.  I pray lastly that I not become a hypocrite like most of the Christians that I have ever known.  Amen

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