Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Newark Celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Syd and I are working on paintings again!  I will be taking Everything's Peachy to Columbus this week and getting The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim back to its temporary home in my kitchen.  The Quilt sold, so it will be going to Michigan in the near future. 

Oh....about Martin Luther King Day here in the city of Nerk.  Christmas decorations came down on Sunday afternoon, and Valentines Day decorations went up!  Yep...that's about it.  Thats how it is here in Newark Ohio.  The holiday is observed by banks and government institutions.  Every other place of business is open and operational.  I haven't seen a black person in months....I really mean it!  I guess the good folks of Licking County don't want to get their lawn jockey's out of storage!  Hell, even the dove of peace would be something to honor Doctor King!  Honest to Pete, it is days like Martin Luther King Day that remind me that I have friends of color in Columbus.  I miss them.  I am thinking about them, and I am taking steps to get out of this cultural desert (Licking County).

I had visitors on Christmas Eve that wanted to know how come I didn't put white people in this painting!  The insinuation was that I might be able to sell it locally...except that there are no white people in the art work!

If I don't get out of this town soon, I am gonna scream!

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