Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Childhood Social Security Benefits

Not long ago, I started painting a picture of the old schoolhouse I fixed up with my Social Security back benefit check.  The minute I spent all my money on the Churches building, they took me to court to evict me.  I won that court case, and got 2 years rent free living, in spite of their efforts to swindle me.  Then they burnt their own church down as my water source was coming from their well and on the same pump.  So, I lived for several months carrying water, and trying to manage....finally abandoning my well fought over property.
That was over 20 years ago, and my painting has brought all this to surface once again.  It turns out, that I am eligible for even more back benefits as I have never been married, both parents paid into Social Security, and I can prove disability before 1989.  I may have 9 years back benefits comeing to me, and the twenty years benefits that were incorrectly calculated had anyone bothered to check medical records prior to 1989.
So what is the moral of the story?  I confess, I do not know.  Had I received the total amout coming to me in 1990, I may have lost much more to the "good church".  Perhaps God (whatever you conceive him to be, was protecting me from "wolves in sheeps clothing".
It wasn't the first or last church to deceive me, or be hypocritical.  What did it teach me?  Not to trust Christians, and to trust myself.  Yesterday's blog was partially about a friend who seizes every opportunity to try and convince me that because I am not Christian, that things like my truck overheating and disaster, wouldn't happen.  I confess, I just don't know.  I think their just might have been Christians out on the road yesterday, that overheated, and had hose clamp problems.  I got a lecture, when I was only asking for a ride to the grocery store and to get anti-freeze.

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