Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boot Dagger Revamped

I liked the turquoise spacers so much on Brian's knife that I decided to add a couple to my little boot dagger (unfinished since 2009).  I am out of acrylic paint in the colors that I need, so the best thing to do until I can correct that, is to use what I have.  The boot dagger was a second boot dagger I made in 2009, when I made one for the painter friend Bonnie Bolen.  I had made 2 of them just in case something went wrong.  This dagger will have two turquoise spacers, and maybe I will experiment with cutting up one of my vinyl record albums that are two scratched to play.  I can add a thin black spacer between the turquoise, silver, and wood if it works out.  I believe the Navajo used old record albums for inlay back in the day!

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