Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Late Tuesday Blog

On Monday, I began working on the walnut handle for Brian's knife.  This time, from the top which will line up with the turquoise spacer.  On Sunday, I purchased a piece of brass rod from Tractor supply, driving in the beginning of what looked like a snow storm.  There is not a day to waste, and I bought the last piece of brass rod they had in stock!  My thinking is that my cutler's rivets expanded more than the wood (walnut) scales could accommodate.  If I decide to put in rivets at all, I can make my own without the inside expansion.  I won't be coming in to the library till late Tuesday afternoon, so I am pre-posting this blogspot on Monday morning in hopes to get my momentum on this project to maximum.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dearest readers, I really need everything to work smoothly from here on out. 

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