Saturday, October 16, 2010

Syd's New Home

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I got my cat Syd home yesterday. He cried the whole way here. So did I. I really didn't want him here till winter.
But without visitation rights I was not gonna leave him. So with only a couple bruises and scrapes, a torn shirt...possibly a dislocated shoulder, I am now the sole owner of Syd the cat. It was the third time she has ever gotten that physically violent with me. The first time she broke my glasses. The second time she slapped a beer bottle out of my hand across the room. But this time was really scary. I knew she would probably get the best of me. But I wasn't leaving without him. He is a product of two of my sister's cats, and I just could not part with him yesterday. I did not go over there to fight. I went to do a favor and to try to reconcile with her. I was even working up trying to gift Syd to her before she flew into such a rage that I couldn't leave him with that unforgiving bitterness that permeates the house and the relationship. It is not his fault his mom's can't get along. Sometimes there is no reasoning. Sometimes there is violence.

I grew up in the atmosphere of violence. I have been beaten within an inch of my life by my family, by thugs, by the authorities more times than I can count. I am now almost permanently disabled. I know the signs and the triggers. I have a fight and flight system built in and nurtured by a violent society. She wasn't going to take him from me without killing me in the process.

I spoke to the Mifflin police department about this matter and they told me it was Columbus police jurisdiction and that I could request a police escort when I went to get him. When I called Columbus police and asked for a police presence to go get Syd they said no I would have to file a theft report in Mifflin township, and produce evidence to the city prosecutor that Syd is my cat. I called Mifflin police back and told them what the Columbus police department said, and then they said that Columbus police were "trying to pass the buck". Once again I was told that it was The Columbus police jurisdiction and that it might have to go to Civil Court. It seems like a very long way around something that should be very simple. So I called my partner and told her they were advising me I would have to file a theft report on her and by then she had completely changed her mind.

Syd was caged and put into my car with two police cruisers present. It was not a happy time, and it was not the ride I had envisioned for him. The timing was forced. He is now trying to learn about his new surroundings and I am wondering if I need to go have myself checked out at the hospital as it feels like a dislocated shoulder this morning; or if it can wait till I see my Doctor on Monday. Domestic Violence is a bitch! I still have property over there, but I may not be physically able to get it until I heal from this last encounter with my partner. There may not be any way around the theft report and getting the court system involved after all. But I am gonna try my best to resolve this in a civil manner without the cost and spectacle of a police and court system.

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