Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Bitch Warrior

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I had a friend from way back come visit me this weekend. We were in our teens when we became acquainted. I had wanted to revisit some of the old days...but the new days interfered. I didn't get to really kick back and relax as I was waiting for the ax to fall in my own personal life. We were in line at Jenny's Ice cream and I was questioning my friend about Duram NC which she lived maybe 2 moves ago. I asked her how close to Concord Duram was and then explained about The Avett Brothers being from Concord. A very enthusiastic Avett fan turned around from the counter and raved over the Avett's and has attended 4 or their concerts. I got to tell a couple Avett stories to my friend and the eager ice cream seller. It was fun and a diversion for a minute of serious matters.

I didn't get to play guitar for my friend. This is something I subjected her whole family to when I was a teenager and quite the ham. Before life beat me into the ground and stomped me into bits so that I am somewhat cautious and less carefree than those days. In those days I was playing and singing a lot of Melanie Safka. I subjected their whole family to one after another Melanie tunes.

So this time my musical muses are The Avett Brothers. My friend got an introduction to them, and I made a new friend for life that scoops out ice cream. If I had a chance to catch my friend up on the life of Melanie now I would leave her with a recent Melanie You Tube that I found with delight and also mystically matches my mood right now. She is not singing" look what they done to my song ma" these days...she is ma..."the brains behind pa" as they say.

Old Bitch Warrior she sleeps in the grave
People think so, but what they don't know
Is that she roams the streets in the still of the night
Ready to conquer up for the fight

And oh she's not afraid
The steel in her pocket
The ice in her veins
Fingers are calloused
Her nails thick and black
She's made her decision
And there's no turning back

Old Bitch Warrior
A scream in the night
Look over your shoulder
Put on the light
That wind in the shadows
She's with us you pray
Someone will find her
And take her away

She's not afraid
The steel in her pocket
The ice in her veins
Oh she can't be ignored
The building is burning
With a lock on the door

Old Bitch Warrior
She sleeps in the grave
People think so,
But what they don't know
She roams the streets in the still of the night
Ready to conquer
'Till they take her away

She's not afraid
Steel in her pocket
Ice in her veins
Enemies scatter
When she comes around
There's comfort in thoughts of her
Dead in the ground

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