Monday, May 3, 2010

Zeta European Emporium

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There is a great Greek restaurant and market here in Columbus called Zeta. It is a nice place to have lunch, and the only place I know of to buy unbaked pita bread.
The previous owner Angelos Metsikas made what was called a Special Hummus Pita for just under $3. I watched him make these several times and one day we tried to make them at home. There are only 5 ingredients.

Olive Oil (cover the bottom of the skillet)
Uncooked Pita Bread (1 per person)
Feta Cheese
Fresh Tomato

Special Hummus Pita
Start cooking some olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
Cook the uncooked pita on both sides till it starts to brown. Put it on a plate and with a spatula spread the hummus of your choice on 1/2 of the pita. Sprinkle generously Feta cheese crumbs on top of the hummus. Cut up some tomato and add that. Fold the pita over and serve hot.

I don't know if Special Hummus Pita is still on the menu at Zeta's. I sure am glad that we watched Angelos and his wife make them though. It is the only place I know of that I can buy uncooked pita bread here in Columbus. I have tried using the already cooked pita and it doesn't work because it turns stiff and brittle and falls apart. So make sure you get uncooked pita bread before you try this recipe at home! Bon A Petite as they probably do not say in Greece! Zeta is still located at 751 High Street in The Short North Columbus Ohio.
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