Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama Admits Peak Oil

Blogroll Me!Without actually using the words "Peak Oil" President Obama describes it.
At 49:30 you will hear the first true words from a President about the upcoming energy crisis since Jimmy Carter. When Jimmy Carter delivered the bad news, it was not well received and he ended up not getting re elected!

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Kalki said...

Oil production decline will hit harder than is spoken about on the net. Forget solar panels and generators, get some hemp and/or nettle seeds to eat or plant depending on the circumstances and learn how to dig a hole near a water source to obtain water. Once you have these two foundations, you will live through anything.

Try driving to the store without oil
try cooking without electricity
try living miles from water without it being pumped to your house.

Stay close to nature and you will prosper, this is positive change, even though our culture may wish you to think otherwise.