Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Blogroll Me!

As BP and Halburton are pointing fingers at one another as to why this "spill" happened... As many of us play virtual farmer (Farmville) on Facebook, and as the beat goes on...some pictures from the real battleground trickle in.

One of the members of LATOC (Life After The Oil Crash) is a paramedic in the New Orleans area. I have been following his blog since after Hurricane Katrina. I trust his pictures and story over the media for an accounting of what really goes down as opposed to the media spin. He was called out to the "spill" when there were still 11 men missing. I imagine it was hard for him not to be able to treat any of those men. He got back yesterday and posted some photos for us to that we probably won't see on the news as everyone is wondering what the "spill" is going to cost in dollars and cents and who's payin. Party on Gulfville!

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