Monday, May 10, 2010

Woodcarving My Way To Enlightenment

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I have been sitting in with these two elderly gentlemen woodcarvers on Monday mornings at The Gillie Center on Morse Road. I have learned much about wood carving from them. One man is in his mid 80's and was a scientist (embryologist). The other man is in his early 90's and he was a public accountant. Both of them were experts in each of their fields in their working days. I listen to them carefully when they speak of current events. Jerry told me that the present Wall Street corporate snow job wouldn't have happened back in his day because the accountant was not permitted to be part of or affiliated with the company who hired them to do the books. It would have been unethical to do so. Both of these men seem to know about the whole history of the greedy oil industry and the deregulation's that have occurred that are making this oil "spill" in The Gulf Of Mexico a probable and predictable occurrence, rather than a black swan event. I sit there with them and carve and marvel at all the knowledge that these two men have in relation to the blind and greedy folks that are making money off the ravaging of our precious earth and the looting of the United States Government and people. Woodcarving at its core shares one of the most fundamental truths about what is happening in our Country. Once you carve something away, you can't really put it back. It is gone. Those guys that looted the treasury and the American people took away jobs, pensions, and savings that can never be put back. Those guys that sold our country out to big oil have taken away the fragile habitat of The gulf coast as well as 11 people who gave their lives in exchange. Those guys won't be coming back. Jury is still out on the fate of The gulf Coast.

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