Monday, August 17, 2009

Safest Bank In The World

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Forget the collapsing banking system try the Safest Bank in the World! If our kooky Grandparents taught us anything, it's that the mattress is the safest place to hide your money.

This Money Bank Mattress will save you having to drag your double mattress around with you and offers a place to stash all your hard earned cash! Stuff the Mattress Money Bank with jewellery or small items and hide away in a safe place. A great alternative to piggy banks, this Money Bank Mattress looks just like a miniature mattress, complete with button studs and a pillow.

Take on holiday, hide in the attic, a drawer or leave it out and proud, this is one Money Bank that Northern Rock can't touch... Ideal novelty gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and those saving for a holiday or car, treat them with a money bank with a difference.

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