Thursday, August 20, 2009

Legalized Robbery

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Looks like legalized robbery to me!

Changes to the eBay User Agreement

Dear eBay Community Member,

I'm writing to let you know that the we've posted an updated eBay User Agreement to help us implement some policy changes. This agreement is effective immediately for new members registering on or after today, and on September 22, 2009, for current members.

The biggest change to the agreement covers our updated, expanded and renamed eBay Buyer Protection. eBay Buyer Protection offers coverage for more buyers and allows eBay to deduct amounts due to buyers under the program from seller PayPal accounts. If sellers don't have sufficient funds in their PayPal accounts, sellers will be asked to provide an alternate payment method. We've moved the bulk of the program details to the eBay Buyer Protection Policy, referenced in the User Agreement. For more information, you can review the Seller Release details announced July 27, 2009.

As with earlier updates to the User Agreement, we've made other minor changes to reflect eBay's current product and service offerings and industry legal standards. For example, we've made a few changes to the way we describe use of our catalog content.

You don't need to take any further action to accept the new User Agreement. If you don't wish to accept the new User Agreement, please refer to this Help page for instructions on how to close your account. We hope you find that these changes make eBay more useful for you.

Thanks for being a part of the eBay community!


Scott Shipman
Senior Counsel
eBay Inc.

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