Friday, August 21, 2009

Melting Products From China

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I receive daily emails on products that have been recalled for one reason or another. Almost all the recalled products come from China and almost all of them are sold at Wal*mart. Receiving these daily reminders results in me seeking out US made products. I can only hope that with the price of a barrel of oil going up that places that make this junk and sell this crap will finally go out of business. This product comes from an American Company that has outsourced many of its products and jobs overseas! I was tired of it (Cheap breakable junk from China) before our economy plunged. So I am in the camp that believes that we deserve the present state of affairs and that downsizing and cutting back will result in America making our own stuff in the future. Maybe we will make a coffee maker that doesn't melt or explode! To see this recall click on this link. Join me and receive the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall list and see for yourself. Unfortunately, you won't get to see all the recalls that have been going on for all these years...just the current junk.

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