Friday, March 30, 2018

Local Pedopilia Ring Being Exposed Soon
I have no image source for this detestable thing.  Our local town loves to take cute kids away from their parents and then give them to pedophiles.   I can tell you some police and judges are involved.  We will not allow you to ravage our children. Your days our numbered.  You should resign and retire...we are coming for you!

I have only been waiting about 20 years for these monsters to be brought to justice.  I want to see military tribunals...courts and people hanged for treason and pedophilia.    I want a just court to do that, otherwise it is just another witch hunt!  Who is Q?  Can someone explain to me who Q is?  I can't wait to see the shit heads that fucked up my childhood, and are procuring other kids....I can't wait to see you Godless motherfuckers!  We are comin for you.  You dumb asses thought you could create an internet, and gather our information....but opps....your dumb asses put your stuff out on the internet as well as mine.   This thing you thought you controlled from the start will be your demise. If I see a pedophile, I want to kill them.  I don't think you have a drug for that you Godless Mother Fuckers and your system.  You have to protect them (pedofiles) because of people like me, and people like my friends.  You have to find out who my friends are in order to protect these pedophiles and cannibals....which I assure you, we will deal with them in short order.  You have no idea the warriors that are in my family.  They don't like pedophiles, or cannibals, and once they know you, they will kill you before a court can even put your case on the books.  Study this photo.  Your days our numbered.  Lock your doors, we are coming for you. 

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