Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Backwards and Forwards in Time...

This is how come I had to become a drummer.  I couldn't stand the canned drum's (electronic drums).  There was no heart in the drum beat behind me,  So....I had to become a drummer, I always loved my grand dad, father, brother...as well as my sisters and mother,  I had some problems as a youngster and I had to do my share of fighting predators off.  I did OK, There was always a balance between what I wanted and some dominating force.   That never worked with me.  I don;t respond well to force.  I could tell you tales,,,but then I would have to...never mind. Let us thank God for this day, and the next, should God decide we should get one in the first place. Good thing I had good people lookin out for me along the way.      

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