Sunday, November 16, 2014

Look What They Done.....To My Song Ma

I met her once.  Hope to meet her again.  Soon!
I can't think of a more inspirational song or musician I have ever met.  I did meet her the Agora.  Katie Belle and The Belle Rangers would be the next influence.  I have not yet met Katie Belle.  I bet if Katie Belle met Melanid would not be the same to say the least.  For instance....what would Dream Away sound like if Melanie sang it?  Every idea I have come up with in the last week or two is illegal.  This would be one of those ideas that would need to be brokered.  But what if...these people just showed up....didn't care about legality?  We'll see what ha0ppens.  I am allowed to fantacise and dream...and even affirm.  Both Melanie and Katie Belle have powerful voices.  We need those for what is coming next.  I for practicing to sing with both of these women.  How can I go wrong.  I am just practicing and hoping one of them will come into my direct radar.  Both women have influenced me beyond anyone else.  Maybe I will live to perform or jam with them.

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