Monday, April 4, 2011

My Website Got Seeds?

Several years ago I started a website called Got Seeds? Nothing ever really happened with it. I did manage to get some seeds last fall from my X prior to our estranged parting. I have been getting some seed packets each time I visit the hardware store and my nearby IGA. Both stores have seed displays from a local company called Livingston Seed Company that has been operating since 1850.

I patiently planted some tomatoes and some hot peppers as well as some more basil in early February when the snow and ice were flying. I am pleased to see that some of the little plants have shown up in last years pots, and am anxious to replant them outside. Outside needs to decide to be warmer! Perhaps today's rain will soften up the ground so that I can get out there with a a hoe and trowel and put the rest of my garden in as well as my little plants that have survived February and March in the confines of my bay window. My shovel has a big slit in it and is being repaired. This will be my very first garden, although I did try to learn from my X. My very first job was selling seeds door to door to raise money for Perry Elementary School.

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