Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eight Followers!

Today I have 8 followers to my blog. I haven't explored how to attract followers. My purpose originally was to leave an electronic record of the genealogy work that my Grandmother began in the 1970's. My family is possibly disinterested, which was the case when Grandma Joy and Ivan Dove began to share their findings with us. I was the one who seemed interested, but mostly I was just being a polite listener. They also traveled about 40 miles a week to grow a garden in our parents yard. This seemed very odd since vegetables were cheap and abundant in the grocery store. I see now that they were trying to set an example for us. There were 8 of us counting Angelique who is now deceased. My parents always had a big garden and my mother canned. These are practically lost arts. I am not sure what exactly has caused me to wake up and pay attention to how things are going. A lot of tragedy I guess. There are now 5 of us. I know my sister in Coshocton grows a garden and cans. I think she is paying attention. Perhaps one day some of my living siblings will become followers of this blog. If and when they do, they will find the charts from both the Hendershot and the Of'laherty's. I continue my Grandmothers work.

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