Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Crack Between The Worlds

This has been a great project from the original vintage hubcap transformed into art. Thanks to everyone who helped me stay focused. I am sending this out Monday afternoon. It is titled The Crack Between The Worlds. This will be part of a traveling show and book about the project called It has been very difficult to do this piece with my injured hand, but I couldn't just not do it. For those of you who are not familiar with "the crack between the worlds", it comes from A Separate Reality The Teachings Of Don Juan written by Carlos Castaneda whom I chose as my pseudonym. There really is no better description for the way that I have come to see things. There is agreed upon reality, and there is this separate reality. The role of the artist is to be able to exist in both realms. The Crack Between The Worlds is the space in between.

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nation.of.gandhis said...

Love the title and the reference to Carlos and Don Juan. I just got done cutting a broken terra cotta Mayan calender, just took out the center part to mount somewhere outside. The other part looks great too going down the hill to decorate the path!

skymetalsmith said...
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skymetalsmith said...

I would love to see your work! Please post a picture or send me a picture @ conchacastaneda@hotmailDOTcom
May there be light on your path.