Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Hand

I have been struggling since February 2nd with the pain in my hand. I have taken the use of my hands for granted. My whole life and existence is dependent on the use of both my hands. Activism as opposed to donothingism is my whole gig. Yesterday, a nurse looked at my right hand and told me she thought it might be broken. If that is true I certainly have done a lot with a broken hand. I have made feathers, cleaned litter boxes, driven my truck, carried groceries, made my bed, washed and folded my clothes,...the list is endless. I have done these daily chores in pain and in hopes that each day I would heal a little more. Two Sundays ago I went to drum practice and drummed for 2 hours. That is what has aggravated the swelling and pain. I am planning on putting in a garden as soon as the weather breaks. I need my hand back.

I fell on the ice February 2nd trying to put brake fluid in my truck. My keys were firmly clutched in my right hand and when I fell on it the keys made an impression. If only I had the presence of mind to drop them I would have been able to break my fall and possibly I would be healed up by now. This life seems to be a series of decisions based on the ability to let things go and other times to be able to hang on. Hopefully I will know which action to take from now on.

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