Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thunderbird And Lightning

When I first started making jewelry, there was a demand for Native American images. It seemed like everyone was at the very least a 1/4 part Cherokee! There seemed to be a whole movement of "Indian Wanabee's". I grew up in a place called Flint Ridge where it has been said was a sort of safe zone for all the tribes to come gather flint to take back to their tribes. Most of the "Indian" jewelry from out west is turquoise and silver. I found out rather quickly that folks would not pay a local silversmith for turquoise or flint. Rather "Indian Jewelry" was and is something a person only buys when they are traveling out west in search of a souvenir! Consequently, I have adopted my own versions of this symbology over the years. Here is my Thunderbird and Lightning piece with a black onyx triangle stone. I plan on incorporating my native symbols into my Huichol style hubcap for the landfill project.

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