Friday, January 7, 2011

Huichol Art

I got a hubcap from I have always wanted to try to duplicate a favorite Huichol yarn art piece.
The Huichol, who many scholars think are descended from the Aztecs, revere those birds that soar the highest, like eagles and hawks, because they see and hear everything, and are believed to possess mystical powers. Huichol shamans (mara’akames) use their feathers like radio antennas to receive communications from the gods in order to help them perform magical feats such as curing the sick, transforming the dead or calling down the sun.
The project ( are transforming hubcaps from vintage automobiles into works of art. I contacted the leader and he sent me my hubcap within a couple days. I won't be duplicating this piece exactly...but I plan on being inspired by the pieces that are working from the circle.

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