Monday, January 24, 2011

Spot On My Retina

I have wondered all my life what exactly my family saw that caused my emergency eye surgery when I was 19 months old. No one has ever been quite able to describe it. I was told that I had a tumor on my retina called a retinoblastoma and that without the lazer surgery I would be dead. I was told that there would always be a chance of this same thing happening to my right eye and that I needed to be extra careful.
Last Friday the unthinkable happened during my annual eye exam. They have found a spot on my retina. For those of you who have been supportive of my process and journey, I want to thank you. To those of you who have not been supportive, I hope you are happy. For the most part, most of the things I have seen with my one good eye have been spectacular. The ugliest thing I ever saw was my lover with a man in the parking lot last spring after the Avett Concert. She totally abandoned me and the friends that came with us to the concert. When I came upon her she was leaning up against him at the car. I totally understand the lyrics to "I would rather go blind". Unfortunately there is no surgery for a broken heart.

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eveldawes said...

i am aghast ( about youe eye) cuz i knew the other story.
what can be done?

I just saw this + i am sick
There has to be a way....
I have minutes on my phone I was looking for you to stop by getta hold of me when U feel like it