Monday, January 31, 2011

Livingston Seed Company

The other day when I stopped into my favorite local hardware store, I saw the seed display up and prominant...defying winters icy grip! My very first job was a door to door seed sales person (I must have been about 6 years old). I was happy to learn that the seeds in the display come from a local seed company. I made my mind up right then and there that I would be picking up a package of seeds each time I go to the hardware store. When I got them home and started examining the package, I got a big shock. In digital print on the bottom of the pack it reads 2011 Origin China. Upon further investigation of the package I found a local address 830 Kinnear Road Columbus Ohio 43212. I will be looking into this. From the history of the company, it appears that the company went out of business during the great depression. Perhaps each generation has to learn the hard way. As gas prices begin their ascent again, local companies outsourcing to China will become unrealistic. I will be blogging about this company as I learn about it. Until then, try to buy really matters!

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frijolitofarmer said...

I'm a fan of Fedco. They're in Maine, but as far as trustworthy suppliers of domestically produced, GM-free seed go, I think they're the best in this half of the country.