Tuesday, June 8, 2010


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I have always wanted to learn the technique of marbling. It involves oily ink being manipulated (stirred and mixed) on the surface of the water and carefully submerging your object just below the surface and capturing the floating ink onto the object (usually paper or fabric). Today I am just experimenting with my new camera a Kodak point and shoot about the size of a pack of cigarettes. I am looking for picture clarity, which is why my eye settled on the marbling cover of my magic book. This is a book that I keep my important codes and passwords for my computer and digital work. It also contains phone numbers and addresses that I might need to have in the car with me when I travel. Also, if I have a original thought that I want to share later I write it into this book. The most recent being "denial is the new black". You can quote me on that.

It is hard to imagine that I minored in photography in college. Everything I learned then is now obsolete. F stops have been converted into simple symbols that someone in a 3rd world country thought might look like a tulip, or a mountain. I will be doing a camera review on my new gizmo as soon as I master the basics and learn what the cartoon symbols stand for. The marbling effect sort of looks like an oil slick or plume doesn't it? How pretty the waters of the gulf must look today...just a giant marbling project in the works.
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Sue's News said...

I love the marbling!

I love a marble cake, I like marbling on meat and I just recently taught a great-nephew to play marbles. We were at a family reunion and the little boy had a can of marbles, but his dad didn't know how to play marbles! It was difficult getting down on the ground with my arthritic knees, but I soon had a number of people wanting to learn. I told him that I was a killer "jacks" and "Pixie-Pick-Up-Sticks" player also! When I told his mother I could also teach him "Mumbly Peg", she called a halt to the retro games--I guess it was when Gerald produced the knife that did it!