Friday, June 18, 2010

Graven Image? Praying Mantis?

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Yesterdays blog was about the giant Styrofoam and fiberglass Jesus that was struck by lightning June 14th and burnt to the ground. Here is what is left of the statue today. The Holy Bible is very specific on the subject of graven images. There are even stories in The Bible where supernatural events destroy such images. The story usually goes something like this. Leader of the people (God's Chosen One) warns the flock against constructing graven images with some lame excuse like "For I am a jealous God". Leader goes off into the mountains for some length of time...presumably to pray and meditate. While leader is gone the flock become complacent and construct forbidden graven image. Leader comes back and is dismayed by the disobedient flock and the graven image is destroyed and the flock is punished. Not surprisingly The Solid Rock Church of Monroe Ohio has vowed to rebuild the statue and the original artist is going to help with the project. It is amazing to me that Christians would continue to not understand their own scripture and continue to construct forbidden graven images. This Touchdown Jesus doubles as a cell phone tower. Perhaps the message about this act of God deserves one of those know the ones that say "What Part Of Thou Shalt Not Do You Not Understand?". Only this time the giant sign would read:

--- GOD

Apparently there has been some protest with regard to rebuilding the abomination.

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