Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As Ohio Goes

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President Obama is coming to Columbus on Friday. I am going to be busy drumming for Pride and helping out with a float. It is doubtful that our paths will cross. But it would be great to run into him, so I am going to stick my copy of As Ohio Goes into my drum bag just in case I get near enough to get his autograph. Perhaps he is here to endorse Governor Strickland, or maybe he will be attending the Deutsche Bank 2010 Alternative Energy, Utilities and Power Conference. High speed rail could use The President's blessing. It would blow everyone away if he came to Pride. At this point his plans are not known. I know he is busy trying to troubleshoot the Gulf Of Mexico mess. It is surprising that he has any time at all for Ohio. I think he is doing a great job for someone who took office to a looted treasury and 2 wars. This beautiful book As Ohio Goes was discarded from the library. I feel lucky to have gotten a copy of it this early in his 1st office.
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