Thursday, February 11, 2010


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The American Psychiatric Association is editing the DSM IV (their Bible) and removing Bi Polar Disorder for CHILDREN. Gee do ya suppose all those children that have been misdiagnosed could get some of their life back? How about the parents who had to purchase the Anti Psychotic medications for them? What about the kids that have been incarcerated...will they be released or given back the time they were detained? Will their records be edited or expunged? Do ya suppose there could be other disorders that should be chucked as well...perhaps some of the adult diseases? I have been alive long enough to remember when Bi Polar replaced Manic Depressive Disorder and when homosexuality was removed from this despicable document. I can remember when cigarette smoking was added. Not in time of course to save any of my family. What a useless piece of crap (DSM) that only serves to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and its drug dealing physicians! Perhaps when the medical system gets overhauled these crooks can be exposed for the lying frauds they are and the DSM 1,2,3,4,5, can be used for kindling. Until then I wouldn't put too much stock in psychiatry or psychology. It is about the most unscientific science I have ever witnessed. Put these quacks out of business, and keep your laws off of our kids! The DSM V is scheduled to come out in 2013. Plenty of time to get ready for some malpractice lawsuits!

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