Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Bank In Newark

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Thanks Deb D. for giving me the link to this story. Like every town and city in the US, Newark needs to re tool and restructure. Some of the architecture is worth saving. The last time I was in downtown Newark this building was an ice creme parlor. I can remember being in the upstairs part of this building and it was delightful. I don't have much faith in Newark City Government. I would watch this building if I were you. Hopefully it will be saved. A town that has no public transit is probably doomed to become a ghost town. For me the town of Newark is already full of ghosts. This building was originally a bank and the architect was Louis Sullivan. The location is primo in the sense that it is right on the corner of the town Square. Perhaps a move to revitalize the downtown would turn this back into a thriving piece of real estate.

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Mark said...

Thanks for noticing the old Sullivan Bank in Newark, Ohio. It's one of our many treasures.

I don't think that the city government has any plans of losing this building. There are upcoming plans for a downtown renovation, but this building will be saved. The Midland Theater just up the street was beautifully restored.