Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heart Stop Bar and Grill

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A new Delray Beach business may have a heart defibrillator, dialysis machine and CPR classes, but it's not a hospital or a clinic. It's a sports grill.The bedpan full of cheese chest pain fries is just one of several medical-themed dishes on the menu at Heart Stoppers Sports Grill.Anyone who weighs 350 pounds or more gets a free meal.
Among the dishes on the restaurant's menu is a bedpan full of cheese chest pain fries.
"I only weigh 265 pounds," said one man, confirming his weight on the scale at the restaurant. "I'm a light weight."Owner and paramedic Iggy Lena came up with the idea.Lena said a child ate the three-pound challenge burger in 31 minutes, but WPBF 25 News' Angela Rozier said she didn't know where to start.Those who flunk the challenge have a special place for them -- the city morgue.Recently, the owners of Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Ariz., filed a federal lawsuit against the Delray Beach establishment. Attorneys for the Arizona restaurant claim Heart Stoppers is using many of the medical-themed elements that Heart Attack Grill originated.
The waitresses dress like sexy nurses at Heart Stoppers.
"I don't know much about his restaurant," Lena said. "I've never seen it. That's going to play out in court."Lena's attorney claims the two restaurants have separate concepts -- that the restaurant in Arizona uses high caloric food as a gimmick, while Heart Stoppers focuses on medical-themed equipment with something on the menu for everyone, including vegetarians.Meanwhile, patrons at Heart Stoppers seemed to embrace the theme, even those in the medical field.Elizabeth Andresen, a nurse, said she was told to go there "because it's a heart-healthy restaurant.""And when I looked at the menu, I was overjoyed," she said. "I will have all the shifts I want to work. It's wonderful."

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