Sunday, November 18, 2018

Do You See Me Q?

This painting will be a self portrait.  If you can't tell, I am the one in the center with the Q T-shirt.  It is my hope that the whole world will soon know about Q.  I have never felt so much hope in my whole life.  What better way to honor Q than to include Q in art?  I am working on a deadline.  I started this painting a couple years ago, but had to stop when the physical totem pole mysteriously vanished.  I was so happy when it was rededicated on September 12 2018. The site is not is a parking lot.  It could very well be transformed into a Pow Wow.  I hope I can make that happen.  If not, I can promote Q, and finally submit a self-portrait.  Many people have asked me when I would do a self-portrait.  It seems like a good idea, and it will be this year.  I will be drumming!

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