Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Would Jesus Do?

I can't make this shit up!  It really is happening in my county.  But, you see, the reason that it is happening in my county is that they are trying to defend their families, while our government is ignoring the Koran.  I urge you to read the 9th chapter of the Koran, and then you will know.  They are coming here to kill us.  They are already here ready to do as such....and some of us, are arming ourselves.  Get on board! notice, they don't go into non gun free zones.  They go into places where there are no guns shooting back.  Now, I am not going to go into why they are doing that.  If you came into my country and tried to rehabilitate me using military, then I just might be willing to blow myself up.  Simple as that.  This is Karma.  Thank our politicians for this.  Be that as it may....they did it, and now....they kicked over a hornets nest....and now, we have to deal with the hornets nest.  Not all that hard to figure out.  Wake up.  They are coming for us...we deserve it, as we caused their countries to be without water, power....we killed their kids, their cousins....and they took exception.  Wrong decision on our governments side....just sayin.  If you did that sort of thing to my kin, I would come for you with everything I had....I would even blow myself up. 

Now....people that didn't have a decision in that, peaceful people, know they don't have any skin in that game.  But, they are gonna defend their I am.  Luke 22:36 for those of you who don't understand that Jesus did not come here for peace.  He said as much.  He said he came with a sword to divide families.  That certainly is the my case.  It was not a message of don't be surprised if you don't see more of this conceal and carry message turning up.  Jesus was a revolutionary. 

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