Thursday, March 3, 2016

Signing For Dummies

I hate these books.  I know I have written about it before, only to have even dear friends tell me how I should feel.  Are they ignoring how I do feel?  Yes, they are.  I am offended by these books as a member of a larger population of handicapped people.  I have had genius's tell me what I should think...but it does not change how I feel.  No one seems to care how I really feel about the rhetoric about handicapped we are treated.....what we are called now.....what we were called.  I am offended.

I am also offended at how the human race is treating my mother of them personal, and one of them global.  We are no better than how we treat others...even our animals.  We have been tapped by God/Goddess to be stewards here (Earth).  We should be judged by how we are doin about all that.

I feel like going through every shelf in the library and pull all these dummy books and throw them on the floor (tantrum/protest).  I feel like doing that.  I do not act on all of my feelings thankfully.  The thought police would not only tell me why I shouldn't feel offended....but then turn around and tell me I am not allowed this fantasy,,, that doesn't destroy anything....but just proves a point (public protest)....But no...I'm not only permitted to feel offended....and then let my imagination retaliate.  What sort of world do we live in that would deny me both my feelings and my fantasy?  Just sayin.  If I could make a graphic right now...Imagine this on that same book...instead of what is on there?  .

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