Friday, February 20, 2015

Monkey Won't Let Go Of New World Order

I am laughing out loud this morning as I hear the newest news about vaccines.  The problem in a nutshell is much like the monkey trap.  The monkey trap is well known.  Put a piece of fruit or food in the jar and the monkey will not be able to remove his or her hand unless...he or she drops the fruit.  Our government can not have it both ways either.  

If I catch someone in a lie, I don't ever have to believe that person again.  So ask yourself this...would the government lie to the American people about the real dangers of a vaccine versus the less danger of getting the virus it is purported to immunize from?  And if the government would lie about a vaccine, would they also maybe lie about a pending threat in another country?  

Now we have upcoming elections in 2016.  This is plenty of time for this public deception to be uncovered.  I know this.  I will not vote for any politician that has used New World Order in their speeches.  I will not vote for any politician that out and out lies to the American people.  

I think we should find out who wrote those speeches where our presidents used the term New World Order.  Read the possible side effects of the flue vaccine or measles vaccine before letting them inject you.  The possible side effects are the very things that they are denying publicly.  Instead of signing the paper that releases the injector from any liability, ask if they will sign a paper taking complete responsibility should the injection prove more destructive than the condition it is supposed to be protecting you from.  Fear forced injections of any kind.  No way can that be any good.

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