Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All We Need

"All we need is the weight of a feather.....to shift the balance in the favor of Love.".  Mickey Hart song called The Next Step.  I have been busy with Valentine things while apparently our war greedy society is demanding the next war.  How easy it seems to manipulate the sleeping sheep.  I have heard about Death Cults before now.  I have even encountered them, and lived through some of their tortures....moved away, whistleblown on them....even to the FBI.  This was all before 911.  So my perspective of all the fearful people who are afraid of ISIS right now.  I want you to know....it is far worse than even those hooligans.  I have been telling you all along.  In my art, in my songs, in my writing.  Death Cults have been in effect in this country since the very beginning.  Where do you want to start.  The holocaust of the American Indian?  Slavery and exploitation of slavery as a commodity in our present economy?  

My experience has been much more personal and present.  I am a handicapped individual that got put into handicapped "programs" and I landed in a government contract at a nearby air force base as a janitor.  I was subjected to mandatory Scientology Friday night sessions.  I was also not being paid a living wage....not even minimum wage.  I was pretty much a slave.  The program through Goodwill boasts to this day about helping handicapped people.  I look forward to the upcoming Scientology Movie we are promised.  Thankfully for me....I knew a little about L Ron Hubbard and I tried my best not to succumb to the mind control that was forced on me as a handicapped individual.  Today, I praised the God of my expanding understanding for saving me from those people...and I worked on my love projects.

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