Friday, September 3, 2010

Survival Plus

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I have been following a blog called Of Two Minds by Charles Hugh Smith. His approach to the diminishing resources on this planet is a little different than most survivalist's.
Surprisingly the Columbus library system does not have a copy of his book, so I ordered it inter library loan. One of Columbus library system's best kept secrets is that they usually order a copy of any book they have to borrow....which is one of the reasons that Columbus Metropolitan Library is #1 in the nation. I will let you know how this book turns out. I am sure it won't be pretty...denial usually isn't. Charles seems to be a stickler for the truth...which is very refreshing. He isn't trying to sell any survivalist gear or doctrine. I don't have long to read it, and I am still moving. But I plan to be a survivor in the upcoming double dip depression, rather than a victim to bad media information. In the meantime check out Maybe your library system could use a copy of Mr Smith's book as well. Do order it inter library loan today!

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